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 The Tools I Use...

The Multple Listing Service 

At the heart of any REALTORs toolbox is the MLS system that they work with.  In Kamloops we're fortunate to have an amazing suite of MLS centred products.  The Kamloops MLS system of course provides the centralized database which holds every listing in the Kamloops and District Real Estate Association (KADREA).  Kamloops MLS listings now support the new national standard from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) known as Reciprocity.  Why is Reciprocity of listings important to you?  It means that when you list with a REALTOR, your listing is not just going to be on their website and the local MLS... your listing is shared on almost every Kamloops REALTOR's website, almost every national Franchise system like Royal LePage, RE/MAX, Century 21 etc.  The Kamloops MLS system then shares it's listings with CREA's website is one of largest industry owned mls database systeims in the world.  Your Kamloops' MLS listing once it gets to is then shared through third party independent organizations on their websites.  The Kamloops MLS system now supports a huge variety of industry and consumer apps to give REALTORs and consumers the power to share listing across a multitude of social media platforms... at the heart of the Kamloops MLS system though despite all of the technology is KADREA's REALTOR members.  When you list with a Kamloops REALTOR you are getting the dedicated effort of over 300 Realtors sharing your listing and trying to help you sell your listing!

Matterport Pro2 3D image Tours


The latest tool in the marketing of homes has got to be Matterport!  I just purchased one of these units at the staggering landed cost of just under $10,000 CDN!  This newest model is capable of 4K 360 degree data capture using the latest in depth sensing laser camera technology.  The Matterport 3D camera, is used to capture 3D and 2D images of an interior space. The camera rotates on a tripod that the user places around a room to capture every aspect of the space. Matterport’s proprietary technology then stitches together the data to create one complete 3D mesh with images overlaid onto all surfaces.  These models are then ready for users to walk through the interior, view as a doll-house, or see a floorplan through Matterport’s immersive online interface. The models also include complete linear and area measurement data. The resulting model can be viewed, modified, annotated, and shared using any computer or mobile device. The system also creates accurate floorplans that home buyers can rely on.  Not every home is suitable for a Matterport 3D scan.



Walking Video and Aerial Video Tours

Digitour Productions shoots, edits and produces walking video tours and also handles the professional photography for my listings in Kamloops. When Drone aerial work is required and a property can qualify under Canada's Department of Transport (DOT) regulations, a local comapny run by Andrew Challenger known as SuperFly looks after capturing the footage for Digitour's editior.  The video and aerial shots are combined into one seamless video which can be thought of as a TV commercial for your home... only instead of appearing on TV, it appears on the internet 24/7/365 days a year on every platform and websites that I support! The pro series lens on the high end Olympus camera can shoot extremely wide shoots to capture amazing crystal clear video.  All video is encoded at a high level to provide a pleasing streaming experience.  Digitour's walking video tours combined with aerial drone photography are amazing marketing tools.

Xposure - the future of app driven mobile real estate for consumers and REALTORS

Xposure is the newest software to be introduced to MLS systems across British Columbia.  Xposure has been designed to fill the consumer demand for digital content. In conjunction with the Kamloops Real Esatate Association's existing MLS® software, the Xposure Public Side creates a Consumer Facing interactive listing portal for every listing on the Kamloops MLS.  This new system is revolutionizing the way homes are marketed. The Xposure company is based in British Columbia.  The system features photos at twice the reslolution as  There is an amazing full screen mode which easily allows a home buyer to swipe through photos on destop, notebook or mobile computers.  The platform also supports the amazing matterport 3D tours, interactive floor plans, mapping, demographics of neighbourhoods and more. It's all map driven technology.  The beautiful design of the sytem provides huge easy to use buttons for home buyers to enter all of the different Xposure display modes.


Social media has become an amazing tool in the real estate industry.  I support several platforms and the industry tools I use (matterport, pcs, Xposure, MLS) also support the major social media platforms.  As well as sharing listings through my friends and realtor network, Facebook also has a unique advertising platform which I use on almost every listing to 'boost' the listing into a specific demographic and geographic region.  Simply put I can target market your home directly to a specific type of buyer in almost any location in the world.  Ask me about this at our meeting.  



Interactive floorplans are another tool that I now use in many of my Kamloops listings I take.  I use the Matterport camera (as mentioned above) to capture the floorplan of each level of the home and once I have the source image, I then use third party software to place photos (shown above by the arrows) that allow a user to see the view of the room from each location.  I can also add video snippets of any feature on the floorplan (an example might be a 10 second video clip of a high end commercial range).  The measurements on my floorplans are extremely accurate as they are meausured by the depth sensing laser camera contained within the matterport camera.  In fact I tested a room in my own home comparing the matterport to a $200 bosch laser handheld unit and there was 1/16" difference and when I put my good old trusty tape measure across the same span near as I could tell, the matterport won!

ShowingTime Appointment Sheduling Software

ShowingTime is the new appointment scheduling software that KADREA REALTORS® are now using to coordinate showing appointments and feedback with clients selling homes or buyers that they are working with.  ShowingTime offers instantaneous showing requests.  If you are entered as a home seller appointments will be sent to both your REALTOR® and you.  You may accept, reject or modify the appointment request, all from your smartphone, no matter where you are.  REALTORS® can block out the days and times that you don’t want showings (due to work, or school schedules).  In addition each REALTOR® can use additional comments to help describe the property that REALTORS® are touring through.  Feedback from REALTORS® that show your property are also sent out and are normally responded to within 24 hours.

Private Client Services for Home Buyers

PCS has got to be one of the most advanced consumer driven tools in the industry.  When I last checked how many home buyers were on the KAMLOOPS PCS system searching for homes there were over 20,000 registered users.  What is PCS?  It's a tool that REALTORS provide to their clients to help them access homes within seconds of them coming onto the market.  With my clients I set up any number of searches which set out the type of homes they might want to purchase.  So I put in the price range, the square footage, lot size, age, areas, number of bedrooms and bathrooms required etc.  This criteria that I develop is then saved into the MLS system.  From Monday to Friday whenever a new listing is entered by the staff at our real estate association, the MLS system scans which PCS searches matche the new listing... within milliseconds the new listing is sent out to all the matching buyers.  It's sent as an email with a one click link to take them to their own private website with all of the listings that match what hey are looking for.  There are easy to use tools on each home buyer's PCS website which allows them to organize and sort the listings into their favourites.  As their REALTOR, I can then easily view the home buyer's 'favourites' and use yet another tool to schedule appointments.  

While there are lots of third party websites that claim to have this instant access to new listings... at present these sites don't.  PCS is the only system that can do 'instantaneous updating' because PCS is a part of the Kamloops MLS system... it is integrated right into the software code.