Mobile rules!  It's true... web access from mobile smartphones and tablets are now eclipsing web access from desktop and notebook computers combined (just ask Dr. Google Cool).  CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) like Amazon Web Services, Akima, Box, Evernote, Dropbox,etc. have now made mobile development their top priority.  It's THE new way to access the web.

The Real Estate Industry has also chosen to embrace Mobile as a prime development platform, and there are a huge variety of mobile apps that home buyers and sellers can use to assist them in buying or selling a home in Kamloops.  So the subject of today's blurbby blog, and others to soon follow in this same category are Mobile Apps that are available.  So today l thought I'ld blog a bit about one of the biggies out there:



IMHO it's one of the easiest to use and provides lots of information. It works great in Kamloops for finding homes.  What is it? Well, is a free app offered by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). It allows users to search for homes and property across Canada and to connect with REALTORS® for more detailed information. The app will even connect you with a REALTOR to view, buy or sell a property.  Here's the official CREA video for the app and the Apple Watch app. is the most visited real estate website in Canada. The app will provide consumers with the same functionality and detail they get from while taking advantage of IOS and Android device features such as GPS and being able to add open house details to the calendar on the device.

HEY, THERE'S EVEN AN APPLE WATCH APP! (come on Santa... Murray needs an Apple Watch so I can teach my clients how to use the watch app... it would be a write off wouldn't it?  Anyone wnat to comment on that who has some tax experience LOL)

This app puts the functionality of in the palm of your hand. It uses your handheld’s GPS capabilities to provide search results near your location, whether you’re walking your neighbourhood, out for a Sunday drive, or comparison shopping in a new part of town. Newly listed properties, open houses with photos, and driving directions are all at your fingertips.This app is easy to find on your app store and quick to install and start using.  One of the neatest features of the app is that it supports CREA's special multimedia apps links for video tours, photo galleries, online brochures and also sound bites.  These are great tools for home buyers and not all real estate mobile apps have chosen to support these wonderful links.  As an example if the realtor has the smarts to display a video tour of the home on, and you're out house shopping in Kamloops and you're been driving through Kamloops neighbourhoods and you've finally come across a home that looks promising you can pop the video tour up on your mobile device jut by tapping the video icon and take a tour through home while sitting in your car. If you like it another button will take you to your REALTOR®'s contact info and you set up an appointment to view the home.



What's New in Version 2.3.0


Introducing Keyword Search  

Now you can find your dream property even faster with Keyword Search. Simply add keywords to your searches, such as: workshop, or granite counters or pet-friendly and will find listings matching your criteria. Keywords can also be added to your Saved Searches.


This app comes from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and as such it is fully bilingual, and it supports EVERY SINGLE listing on the MLS.  While you can use it while driving in your car to see information on houses as you pass by them be careful! NO DISTRACTED DRIVING EH?Wink

Now I've only spot tested the app here and there throughout Kamloops, but it seems to work ok on my iPhone 6 plus just fine and I haven't had any crashes... however a few comments I've picked up from Android users is that the GPS function can drain your battery life quite quickly... and also that the app crashes.  I haven't noticed this on the iPhone, but I'm pretty much always plugged into the lighters in my vehicles all the time when I'm driving...  Apps can crash if the OS has been upgraded, or for a variety of reasons.  CREA has been pretty quick to fix bugs on this from what I've heard.  Maybe some of you can comment about the app eating battery life and any crashes below... if you've got some experiences to share.